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Is Your Website As Awesome As You Are?

We create unreasonably great websites that are awe-inspiring in creatives, convincing in copy, responsive in design, loved by search engines (SEO) and come fully loaded with digital analytics insights. Contact Us To Know More.
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Web Design Dubai Strategy

A web design project at our company entails doing extensive research of customer behavior, competitive analysis, understanding your brand, chalking out the best information architecture for your data and using those inputs to draw the storyline for your website. We also draw heavily from cognitive psychology and marketing sciences to architect websites.

Contemporary UX

We design websites with contemporary colors, fonts and layouts to create that truly "wow" experience - the experience that makes you stand out in the minds of your customers.

Responsive Design

Unsurpringly, most of your customers (if not all) will first discover you on their smartphone or tablets. Our design philosophy ensures that your website would look equally good on all devices.

Marketing Copy

Make no mistake, a website is only as good as the words you write in it. So, we don't leave it for somebody else. Content is an integral part of our web design strategy.


Your website's ability to appear on Google is a must-have these days. Our websites have the architectural support needed for SEO and we also do the initial on-page SEO for free before shipping your website.


We provide Google Universal Analytics custom implementation using Tag Manager for all the websites we design. As a client you'll get weekly reports in email containing KPIs related to users, channels, engagement and conversions.


We have certified usabilty consultants who keep a constant tab on our creative design approaches to ensure that we don't cross that line that makes a website look cool but not usable. We take usability very very seriously.

Our Latest Website Designs

Here's a list of some of our latest web design projects

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    Websites Designed for Conversions

    While you go through our portfolio, remember that the cool look-and-feel of the websites is only the visible aspect of the design. What may not be entirely obvious but is equally important - is the copy, analytics and usability. The job of a website is to communicate your message, not to call attention to itself. Every design element has a reason and purpose behind it, to help communicate client's message clearly and effectively, and to encourage the visitors to take action.

About Web Labs : Web Design Company in Dubai

Useful Info + Trivia

  • Approach
    WLD Approach, Web Labs Dubai, UAE
    Don’t Make Users Think

    If there's one thing you learn by working on a lot of different web sites, it's that almost any website can benefit by simplifying things for end users. Whatever we do, we can never "truly think" like our customers. So, using click-stream data (from Google Analytics or something similar) combined with the fundamental laws of usability (most of which were discovered by Steve) is extremely likely to improve your website. By reducing cognitive load you make it easier for visitors to grasp the idea behind the system. People won’t use your website if they can’t find their way around it.

  • Team
    Team, Web Labs Dubai, UAE
    A-Team of Pofessional Website Designers and Marketers

    We are a team of designers, analysts, copy writers, programmers and marketing strategists, pretty much everyone you need on your team to create earth shattering, jaw dropping and awe inspiring digital assets! You can check out our team on LinkedIn.

  • Fun
    • Team Fun, Web Labs Dubai, UAE
    • Team Fun, Web Labs Dubai
    • Team Fun, Web Labs Dubai, UAE
    • Team Fun, WLD, UAE
    Maximum Fun

    We are convinced that if people are having fun, they’re going to work harder, stay longer, maintain their composure in a crisis and take better care of the organization. Not sure if there's any big scientific studies to prove this but we know it's true. So, we take every possible opportunity to have fun, drink, dance and do whatever makes us happy!!

  • Jobs
    Get Hire in Web Designing, Web Labs Dubai, UAE
    We Want You

    We are (always) looking for smart enthusiastic folks with passion to work in a start-up environment. If you have an excellent eye for design, skills in Photoshop and great working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, JQuery etc., this is just the right job for you. Freshers are also welcome provided they are willing to work hard and acquire the needed skills. We conduct in-house crash coaching programs for those who have the right attitude but may not have had an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills. You know who you are, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Send your CV to careers@weblabsdubai.com.


Testimonials, Web Labs Dubai, UAE

I'm a big fan of Web Labs Dubai. Team is super creative, very friendly and always delivers before time.

— Soniyaa Punjabi. Founder, illuminations World. Dubai. http://illuminationsworld.com

Testimonials, Web Labs Dubai

Conversion rate has gone up 400% with new responsive website you did for me. I can't thank you enough.

— Praveen Reddy. Director, Securax Technologies FZCO. Dubai.

Testimonials, WLD, UAE

My customers just love my website. It's very creative, very clean. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks guys.

— Md. Rizvi. MD, WAZ International LLC. Dubai.

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